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Protecting Homeowners in Apple Valley and Lakeville, MN

Homeowners Insurance

Home ownership and maintenance take a lot of effort, time, and resources.  These things are not difficult to give since most people take pride in a love their homes, but giving them is not without risks.  Homes suffer damages that result from unexpected incidents even if the homes are well-protected and are prepared for unexpected events.  These damages can lead to significant financial losses if homeowners are not protected.  Home insurance protects against these losses and at Ferry Insurance Network, we provide this insurance.  We have a comprehensive and adaptable home insurance program with coverages that are broad and extensive and we adapt these coverages to fit clients’ needs. 

Coverages tailored to you

Home insurance coverages reflect the needs of individual homeowners and their homes.  Some coverages are broad and general and likely apply to almost any homeowner while other coverages are unique and specific and apply to only a few homeowners.  For this reason and others, a mix of broad and specific coverages is necessary for a home insurance policy to be effective.  At Ferry Insurance Network we find the right mix and make sure that each client is fully protected for the right price.


As an independent agency we partner with numerous A-rated insurance carriers, each of which provides us diverse and expansive coverage options.  These options enable our clients to customize their insurance plans, which ultimately help clients find the best solutions for their home insurance needs.  


Our coverage options include:

  • Property Insurance
  • Homeowners Liability
  • Renters Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Mobile Home Insurance
  • Scheduled Property Insurance
  • Landlords Insurance
  • In-Home Business Insurance

Even in cases where homeowners know their homes and assets very well, selecting appropriate coverages and assembling an optimal plan with these coverages can be a challenge.  This is why we usher clients through every step of the insurance selection, purchase, and maintenance processes.  It keeps clients secure and makes it as easy as possible to ensure that coverages are always current.

Working with Ferry Insurance Network

From houses and condos to townhouses mobile homes, we insure all of the homes possible in Southeast Minnesota and we have done so for decades.  We know the demands of home ownership in the area and we know local markets.  We also know what it takes to put together a fully-protective and cost-effective insurance plan that protects homes in the communities we serve.  Our knowledge, experience, and abilities enable us to deliver the best home insurance solutions and distinguish us from captive agents and other independent agents.


We’re more than insurers however, and we help clients use their insurance in the best ways possible if and when using the insurance becomes necessary.  We also help clients avoid having to use insurance; it’s a way of managing risk.  To manage risk we help clients implement best practices, which reduce exposures and decrease the possibility that exposures will result in damages.  To manage claims we advocate for clients and help them achieve satisfactory resolutions in the events that claims are filed. 


If you would like to learn more or speak with an agent, please contact us or give us a call.  You can also request a quote if you’d like to know some of the details of a policy. 


Ferry Insurance Network is proud to provide homeowners insurance in Apple Valley, Lakeville, Burnsville, Farmington, Eagan, and Rosemount, MN.  We also serve other areas in the state and we serve Wisconsin as well. 

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